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Feb. 21, 2017

The Pros and Cons of 3 Different Loan Types

Bidding wars are incredibly common in this competitive market. How does your government, conventional, or jumbo loan affect your chances of getting your dream home?


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In this competitive market, bidding wars for homes are very common. There are many factors to consider when positioning yourself to win a bidding war but today, we’ll focus on the best type of loan for you to choose.


Most consumers in this market will take one of three loan types: a government loan, a conventional loan, or a jumbo loan. Each comes with advantages and disadvantages.


Government loans include FHA and VA loans. VA loans allow honorably discharged veterans to purchase a property with 0% down. FHA loans offer 3.5% down loans for anyone who qualifies. Although most people who use FHA loans are first-time buyers, you do not have to be a first-time buyer to get an FHA loan.


Quite frankly, government loans can present certain obstacles during bidding wars. Part of the problem is that when the appraisal is performed, the government will require the seller to make certain repairs. These repairs are non-negotiable, which sellers aren’t too happy about. Another issue is that some sellers view buyers with government loans as weak buyers because they need a lower down payment than a buyer with a conventional loan; however, that is merely a perception issue.



Conventional loans make it a bit easier
to win a bidding war.



It is a bit easier to win a bidding war if you have a conventional loan from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. You need a higher credit score to get a conventional loan and you have to make a higher down payment, so many sellers will think you are more likely to complete the transaction.


Jumbo loans don’t give you a lot of trouble during multiple offer situations. If you qualify for a jumbo loan, you are probably looking for a large home well over $500,000. Jumbo loan buyers are typically very strong and have large down payments. Another benefit is that in the jumbo loan segment, there are fewer multiple offer situations because there are fewer buyers looking at that price point.


If you would like to know more details about these different types of loans, give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!

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Feb. 2, 2017

What Is Happening in Our Local Market?

Today, we’re answering the top five questions about our local real estate market.

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What is happening in our local real estate market? We’ll answer some of the top questions we’ve been hearing from clients today:


1. Is this a buyer’s or seller’s market? Denver is definitely in a seller’s market. However, that varies a bit based on the time of year. In winter, things tend to be a little bit slower and the market is a bit more balanced than it is in the summertime. Things will start picking up around March and May. Market analysts predict another year of double-digit growth in Colorado.



Right now is a great time to buy a home.


2. What does the current housing inventory look like in our area? Inventory is definitely a little low right now, especially compared to spring or summer. There are fewer buyers on the market this time of year as well, so that balances things out a bit. Despite there being fewer options, buyers are still able to find homes in a couple of days. It’s slightly easier to buy a home right now because you won’t get dragged into any bidding wars. Sellers are even willing to give a little on the asking price. We were able to get clients $5,000 off the asking price; in fact, we also got one client a new roof!


3. How does the current inventory affect the values of homes in our area? Pricing remains stable. However, as we mentioned, some sellers are more willing to bend on the asking price. Although prices aren’t dropping, sellers are more likely to entertain a low offer now than they are in the spring or summer, when sellers want full asking price or more. Of course, when you get more than the asking price, there can be issues with appraisals, which means buyers will need additional cash.


4. What do interest rates look like right now? Interest rates have increased substantially since the election. Before the election they were at 3.875%, and now they are at 4.25%.


5. How does the increase in rates affect buyers? Let’s say before the election, you qualified for a $500,000 home at a 3.875% interest rate. With the current 4.25% interest rates, you will only be able to qualify for $478,000. So, there has been a reduction in buying power. For every third of a point increase, buyers lose $20,000 of buying power. The Fed has announced that there may be three more increases to the short-term rate over the next year, which will likely affect the mortgage rates that we use.


Ultimately, if you are thinking of buying a home, now is a great time to be on the market. Buying a home now will be much easier than it will be a few months from now.


If you have any other questions about our market, give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!

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Nov. 4, 2015

Broomfield In the Fall

As someone who's enjoyed the small-town friendly feel of Broomfield for the last 12 years, I feel I should share some of it's great treats for our fall season.  
While the leaves are changing all over town and the streets are splattered with reds, oranges, and brilliant golds...the town  bustles with the anticipation of cooler days and Halloween.
Just up 287 (Wadsworth) just north of Broomfield is our famous pumpkin patch.  The family-owned farm provides thousands upon thousands of pumpkins to pick directly from the fields in which they grow.  There are hay bale mazes, jump castles, farm animals to pet, and delicious treats to purchase after a long trek through the vast pumpkin patch to get that perfect orange gourd to carve.  Bring your camera because this is the perfect spot to take family pics of everyone gathering their treasures.
Broomfield is a health-minded community and we are thankful for all the trails that wind their way through our neighborhoods.  We have everything from walk-ways behind our homes, to long winding trails up the backs of the hills behind Miramonte and Lac Amora  that give us breath-taking views of the Front Range.  The fall is the best time to take advantage of these trails--with the weather cooling enough to take the edge of the mid-day sun,  the trails are fun to take everywhere.
If shopping is something you enjoy then you can take your time at one of the 2 amazing malls near us.  
  Flatirons mall, which is just off of HWY 36 in Broomfield, boasts many great shops, dining, and a movie theater with lounge-style seating and adult beverages!   This mall is indoors and is a great escape when the weather doesn't cooperate.  
The other mall is the Orchard Town mall.  This is an outdoor mall just off of 144th and I-25.  Though this is technically considered Westminster, it is just on the border of Broomfield and we residents take full advantage of it.  There's an outdoor play area, a miniature train for kids to ride around in, many great restaurants, lots of shopping, and an amazing movie theater. There are many spots to sit outside during our amazing Indian Summer weather evenings and have your meal or take advantage of the center of the mall and sit by the fireplace.  Each Halloween the mall stores participate in a trick-or-treat parade where kids can come during the day and show off their costumes for candy!    
We have a library next to a park in the heart of Broomfield and it houses a very special memorial.  I encourage everyone to take the time to visit this spot.  Our 9/11 memorial is truly historical and really gives you a space and the time to reflect, remember, and pay homage to those whose lives were ended on that fateful day.  This memorial is peaceful, tasteful, and I feel very grateful that our town chose to put it up.  On September 11 each year there is a flag put in the ground near the memorial that commemorates each and every life that was lost that day.  The display is breath-taking and very honoring.
We have a unique place to live here nestled up against the mountains.  Amazing sunsets, less traffic than down south, easy access to highways for shopping, dining, and taking an adventure.  Broomfield is the small town you have been looking for and we have some fantastic places here to enjoy.
Please visit our website for homes available in and around Broomfield.                 
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Nov. 4, 2015

Stapleton, One of Denver's hottest urban neighborhoods!

Stapleton –

 Looking for that classic neighborhood feel, but still want to live urban? Stapleton is your neighborhood. 7 ½ square miles of urban city living, without the city price. Only 15 minutes away from downtown Denver, Stapleton is one of the most popular destinations for families, and young professionals. In Stapleton you can find classic built homes, modern new builds, and bungalow style replica productions. If Single family homes aren’t your style, don’t worry they have over 2,000 townhomes and apartment homes to choose from.

Stapleton has taken a new approach to home building and living. Integrated green spaces and dog parks accompany the shopping and small business that surround the neighborhood. A sense of community has been established with monthly neighborhood activities and events. The Shops at Northfield provide a vast amount of dinning and shopping choices – you won’t have to leave your neighborhood!

Stapleton currently has 12 great schools, over 1,000 acres of green space, and is still growing. Stapleton offers over 46 miles of trails for walking, and bike riding. Which connect to other trail systems in Denver’s network. On a nice sunny day (which happens more than 300 days each year) you could potentially ride your bike to work, school, or to any of the nearby stores! In 2014 Stapleton was the 6th bestselling Master-Planned community in the United States.

These new neighborhood builds are closing out, and homes being listed aren’t lasting long. If you want to get your foot into this exclusive, sought after neighborhood contact us. Our experienced team of realtors can get you the perfect house, for the best price.


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June 22, 2015

Tour Historic Denver Property in Lower Downtown

Take a tour of Denver property.Walking tours are a great way to explore and learn about a city. Whether you call a Denver property home or are just visiting the area, Historic Denver Tours are a one of a kind experience you just don’t want to miss. Tours last a little over 70 minutes and are led by expert docents who focus on the architecture and history of Denver. Begin the LoDo walking tour at the flagpole in front of the historic Denver Union Station. Lower downtown originated as a collection of warehouses, transformed into a prominent railroad hub, and finally turned into the vibrant thriving area it is today. This urban hot spot is the ideal place to be for fun in the daytime and the nighttime. If you’re on the market for Denver property, this is a great area to consider.

Another popular tour through Historic Denver Tours is the Capital Hill Walking Tour. Meet and end at the renowned Molly Brown House Museum’s courtyard. Docents focus on the diverse architectural styles of Denver property, varying from Victorian to Art Deco. Learn about the beautiful and unique mansions you’ll see. As you walk along this tour, you’ll be exploring the details of Denver step by step and learning about the city’s fascinating history as you go. To scheduel a tour please call (800) 979-3370 or go to the tours page on

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June 19, 2015

Denver Home Owners Visit the Museum of Nature and Science

Learn science near your Denver home.The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a wonderful destination for all Denver home owners. There is much to be learned in this facility by children and adults alike. Visit the museum for just a day, consider a membership to visit as often as you would like, or take advantage of summer camps and programs for youth. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science also has a planetarium and IMAX theater available for guests. Whether you come for the exhibits or a show, it is sure to be an enjoyable day or evening away from your Denver home.

One of the best things about visiting a museum of this nature is that there are plenty of hands on exhibits for all to enjoy. Whether you enjoy learning about mummies, gems, human health, dinosaurs, space, wildlife, or are interested in getting your children excited about science in the Discovery Zone, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is the place to be. The Discovery Zone is especially great for Denver home owners and other guests who have children ranging in age from 3-5. Children can come and experience science first hand, climb, explore, perhaps get a little wet, and quench their thirst for knowledge. Find out more at

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June 18, 2015

Bike Denver Real Estate on the Cherry Creek Bike Path

Bike Denver real estate.One of the most unique amenities close to Denver real estate is the area’s dense network of bike trails that knot wilderness, history and Denver real estate together. With convenient access to free and pristine outdoor recreation options, it’s no wonder Denver real estate is some of the hottest in the nation.

Cherry Creek Bike Path is one of the prettiest and most popular hiking, biking and jogging trails that run connect rural Colorado to the greater metropolis. The Bike Path runs 40 miles along Cherry Creek and parts of it overlap with the Front Range Trail, which stretches from Wyoming all the way down to New Mexico.

Visitors traversing Cherry Creek Bike Path have easy access to the lakeside amenities at Cherry Creek State Recreation Center and the guided walks and historic exhibits at Castlewood Canyon State Park. Four Mile House & Historic Park is also conveniently located close to the Bike Path and features a collection of historic buildings from Colorado’s pioneer era.

Last but not least, Cherry Creek Shopping District, located right along the Bike Path, showcases over 400 department stores, boutiques, galleries and cafes in the tree-lined avenues of Cherry Creek North and the upscale Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Click here to learn more about the bike trails of Denver.

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