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Nov. 16, 2017

Lease with the option to buy program in Colorado

We're excited to introduce a new program now available in Denver, that allows you to lease with the option to buy almost ANY HOME YOU SEE FOR SALE!

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This is the first truly legitimate program of its kind in Denver. We are one of Denver's top rated, Berkshire Hathaway real estate teams, so you can rest-assured that we would not risk our stellar reputation (or Berkshire Hathaway's reputation) touting anything that was "gimmicky" or "too good to be true."


The process is simple. As with any rental or lease program, you pay a one-time application fee of $75, so that the program can pull your credit and background, and determine how much rent your income qualifies you for. Once they determine how much rent you can afford, they will tell us how expensive of a home we can start helping you find. We then take you to see all of the homes you like in that price range, until we find "the one."


Once we narrow it down to your favorite, the program places a cash offer on the home. If the offer is accepted, you are free to move into the home shortly after closing. After leasing it from them for one year, you will have the option to purchase it for only 5% more than they paid a year earlier. This is an amazing opportunity, considering that homes in Denver have been appreciating by closer to 10% per year. This program allows you to secure your dream home, and live in it, while fixing your credit, or satisfying other requirements for a mortgage that you might still need a little more time to work on.

After the first year's lease is up, you have the option to buy it from them for only 5% more than their original purchase price. If your circumstances have changed at that time and you no longer wish to purchase, you are free to re-sign a new lease or walk away.


You can have the best of both worlds.


Call us today at 720.370.3000 for more details or click this link. If you have any questions, we're always here to answer them.

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Oct. 17, 2017

Are Homes for sale Erie CO, at a disadvantage during the Holidays?

Are Homes for in sale Erie CO, at a disadvantage during the Holidays?

Erie CO homes for sale

For many families the Holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, filled with family gatherings, parties, travel, and visits from relatives.   It’s no wonder that most people view this as the absolute last time of the year, that they want to sell their home.   Very few people are willing to endure the stress of having to keep their home spotless for showings, and be prepared to vacate for showings at a moment’s notice, during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.    It would only reason that home buyers suspend their house hunting efforts during the Holidays for the exact set same set of reasons, right?   If you make this assumption, you’re certainly not alone.  Most people would probably agree, however the MLS statistics clearly indicate that this simply isn’t the case.  

This doesn’t mean much, since no one is looking for homes during the holidays anyway… right?   Well, not exactly…   The number of families out house hunting during the holidays is much higher than most of us would assume.   The semester break at mid-term, makes the Holidays an attractive time for families with kids to move without disrupting their school schedule.  The fact that many workers and students have a few weeks off during this time, also makes the holidays a perfect time to schedule the daunting task of packing up and moving.   Additionally, the aggressive nature of the Peak Summer market, also means that many buyers can’t win bidding wars to buy a home in the Summer.  As a result, many of those buyers resume their home-search once the “back to school” market-lull passes, and their schedules return to normal.   These factors all combine, and lead to a tremendous amount of pent-up market demand around the holidays.   Problem is, there are 38% fewer homes for sale in Erie CO to choose from during the holidays than in the peak Summer months.  

Erie CO Realtors

How can sellers work the seasons to their advantage?

A seller sitting on a highly desirable home, will always be able to get a relatively fast sale, regardless of seasonal timing.   However, a bit more strategy is required if that same seller also wants to set a record high sales number.  Simply selling an unusually nice house fast is typically easy.  However, also commanding a record high price generally won’t happen without a bidding war.   When bidding wars break out, competing sellers are often forced to bid above the amount the home will likely appraise for.  They’re usually required to back those stratospheric bids with a guarantee of additional cash, to make up for any appraisal deficiency.   The key component required to maximize the odds of a bidding war, is an agent’s ability to drive lots of buyer’s through the home during the first weekend the home comes to market.  It’s obviously easiest to do this, during the Early Spring, or the peak Summer season when the absolute highest volume of buyers is active in the market.   Therefore, Summer is still the season of choice, for selling a truly incredible home.  If you have a house that’s capable of standing out in an inventory-rich market, it makes the most sense to offer it up when the absolute highest exposure to buyers is possible.

The strategy for selling a mediocre or distressed home, takes an entirely different approach.   When a home’s lack of upgrades, poor lot, or layout put it at a competitive disadvantage… the best strategy for getting it sold, is to avoid as much direct competition as possible.   The key to selling a lackluster home, lies in finding the point in the market with the best ratio of “high demand to low inventory”.   When inventory choices are limited and people need to move, they are the most likely to compromise their standards and take what’s available.  


I can personally attest to this, because it happened to my own family.  When we were moving to Erie CO, it was at the beginning of December and inventory was “slim pickings”.   In fact, there was only one home in our price range that met our minimum criteria.  I was a relatively new agent, with a little under 2 years in the business.  Therefore, the mortgage underwriting guidelines wouldn’t allow us to add my income to the qualifying ratios.  As a result, our home options were limited to the ones we could qualify for on my wife’s teacher salary.   The only home in our budget, had been used as a former rental.  It had broken down appliances, an ugly kitchen, and was full of cheap carpet and fixtures.  Unfortunately, we needed to move.   The low holiday inventory caused us to lower our standards substantially, and take it.  As Murphy’s Law would have it, 20 to 30 far superior homes came up for grabs (at the same price point) just a few months later in the Spring.  Had any of those choices been available to us, we never would have picked our present home.   We were proof of the concept that rougher homes sell better, when there isn’t as much competition.    For sellers of less than perfect homes, the Holidays may just be the perfect time to list them!

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Oct. 12, 2017

What does the huge influx of New Construction in Erie Colorado, mean for Erie sellers of re-sale homes?

For the past 5 years, Erie has predominantly been a strong “seller’s market,” with sellers dictating the terms, and commanding increasingly higher prices with each subsequent sale.  Many homes were pulling in bidding wars, and often selling for well above asking price.   Sellers were also able to get away with bringing homes to market with lots of deferred maintenance like damaged roofs, aging appliances, rusty water heaters, and faded exterior paint jobs that were long overdue for a fresh coat.  However, none of that mattered when desperate buyers were taking properties “as-is,” or waiving their right to negotiate for repairs after the inspection. Some buyers even went so far as to waive their right to inspect the property at all.   Many buyers also resorted to desperate measures like over-bidding, then bringing in extra cash (over the appraised value), to ensure that the deal still closed.   People were basically conceding whatever it took, to get creative and beat out the other buyers competing for their dream home.   Savvy sellers responded accordingly, after hearing what their neighbors were getting.   Each new listing came onto the market a few thousand dollars higher than the one that sold before it.  With homes in short supply, they knew the buyers would pay it.

Homes for sale in Erie CO

The 2017 spring housing market market in Erie CO got off to a strong start, and we saw the median sale price in April 2017 come in almost $21,000 higher than the previous April of 2016.  It certainly looked like we were off to the start of another summer of double-digit appreciation.  However, by July a combination of market factors came together to bring strong signs of a market correction.  An abundance of new construction homes in Erie CO, a substantial hike to mortgage rates, both combined with a flood of negative press and social media chatter about Oil and Gas activity in Erie, finally applied the brakes to the momentum of our housing market.   In fact, the June 2017 housing market saw the largest negative market shift, in Erie in almost 5 years.  

DMAR statistics showed that June 2017 housing inventory in Erie was up a whopping 121.3%, over June 2016 levels.  In June of 2016 there were only 47 total homes for sale in Erie, compared to 104 available listings in June of 2017.   However, “Under-contract” numbers didn’t come close to keeping pace, and only increased by a modest 9.1%.   June 2016 saw 44 homes under-contract, while June 2017 only saw a handful more at 48 (despite having twice as many homes available on the market).   This means that in June of 2016 that 93.6% of listed homes sold, while only 46.1% of available homes went under contract in 2017.   In one year, we’ve seen the market go from almost all the available homes selling in June 2016, to slightly less than half of the inventory selling the following year.


Before anyone starts to panic, I should reiterate 2 key points… 

1). The housing market in Erie was moving at such a ridiculously fast pace for the past five years, that it bordered on insanity. Therefore, our market has plenty of room to slow down a bit, but remain extremely robust overall.  In fact, most of the major leading economic indicators (that predict major real estate crashes), are currently holding very steady at the desirable end of the spectrum.   Economists tracking the housing market pay close attention to indicators like, job growth, interest rates, availability of rentals, foreclosure filings, 90-day mortgage delinquencies, utilization of ARM vs 30yr Fixed loans, utilization of all other risky mortgage products (Interest-Only, Negative Amortization, Stated-Income). Fortunately, these indicators all still look quite good overall for the Colorado housing market. 

2). The market pace for the last few years was so fast, that it was quite stressful for most buyers and sellers.  The lack of inventory simultaneously made selling a dream, but buying a nightmare!  Any seller wishing to cash-in on their newly acquired equity to move-up or downsize, had to contend with a real danger of becoming “temporarily homeless” in the process.   In Colorado, once a seller’s home is under-contract, they are legally obligated to hand over their keys in just 3-4 weeks on the designated date of possession (assuming the buyer successfully closes).  Selling fast was almost always a given, but the lack of inventory meant that there were no guarantees that the seller could then find a suitable replacement home and put it under-contract in time.    In Colorado, our laws dictate that any seller attempting to back-out of a home sale, faces the very real threat of a “Specific Performance” lawsuit.  Meaning, a buyer can potentially sue the seller and force them to complete the sale transaction, whether they have found a replacement home yet or not.

Erie Colorado homes for sale   

So how will this affect those Selling a home in Erie CO?

The two major positive effects, are that this market correction will certainly remove most of the risk and apprehension that both buyers and sellers have been experiencing for the last 4-5 years.  No longer will sellers have to worry as much about the risk of having to make a “double-move” when they choose to move-up or down-size.  The more manageable market pace now means that the odds are much more favorable, that a seller will successfully secure a replacement home should they choose to move locally.   The risk to sellers of becoming “temporarily homeless” just decreased substantially.   

For buyers, the more relaxed pace means that they will no longer feel the pressure to instantly offer on a house, for fear of missing-out if they hesitate for more than a couple hours.   Also, the more balanced market means that buyers will less likely have to concede to ridiculous terms, like overbidding with extra cash, or waiving their rights to an inspection.  Of course, there will still be some truly exceptional homes that draw in competing offers, but it’s now far less likely to happen on a lackluster house devoid of upgrades, or lagging in upkeep.

Along with the positive benefits, there will certainly be a few negative repercussions for both buyers and sellers as well.   As more sellers gain enough confidence in successfully finding a replacement, and decide it’s now safe to sell, this could add even further inventory to the market.  If demand doesn’t increase again enough to keep pace, it could further increase average days on market, and possibly soften prices even more.   

Many buyers hearing this news may be “licking their chops”, thinking that falling prices mean they can wait a bit longer and finally get a more affordable deal on a house.  However, that is flawed-logic.   When home prices fall due to increasing mortgage rates, it simply means that those buyers will now be making the same high house payment for a less expensive house.  The only ones to benefit from the price drop, are those with the ability to pay all-cash, and avoid the new higher mortgage rates altogether.


Now that competition is stiff, what will it take to sell a home in Erie Colorado?

When the seller’s market was at its peak, even the most neglected homes sold with relative ease.   Unfortunately, those days appear to be ending quickly.  As pressure bears down from all the new construction on the sellers of existing     “re-sale homes.”   The flood of brand-new homes into the Erie market, has raised the bar on what is now considered acceptable condition.   Deferred maintenance such as worn roofs, faded exterior paintjobs, stained (or worn) carpets, pet odors, scratched-up hardwood floors, overgrown landscaping, dead or dying lawns, settling concrete porches or driveways, are all going to hurt a home’s competitiveness.   To get the top price, a seller’s home will now definitely need to be in top condition.

Dated finishes with now be scrutinized much harder as well too.  Competition between builders means that things like hardwood floors, bronze or nickel plumbing fixtures, slab granite or quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and high-end kitchen cabinets, are all standard features on the new homes popping up all around Erie.   Re-sale homes with dated finishes like oak cabinets, excessive carpet, brass fixtures/trim, Formica counters, linoleum, white walls, or dated appliances, aren’t going to compete well now.   Buyers will now expect homes to either be updated, or priced low enough that they still have room in their budget to add these things shortly after closing.

Consumers won’t be the only one feeling the pinch either.  Market transitions have historically affected real estate agents and entire brokerages as well.   When the number of transactions in a market goes down, the discount brokers and flat-fee agents typically die-off.   A boom market allows for plenty of fast sales, with reduced marketing time, and far less marketing effort on the part of the agents.  In that windfall environment, the discount model works well because homes sell so quickly with minimal marketing expense, skill or effort required.   However, slower markets require agents to majorly step-up their game to survive.  Discount agents, lazy agents, and part-time agents, usually lose the game of attrition, and end up going back to the jobs they had before entering Real Estate.   The discount firms tend to die off, because their lower-profit business models are no longer sustainable once their number of transactions shrinks.  Business models with low profit margins, require extremely high-volume to work (ie., the fast food businesses).   Once the market turns, and the volume of home sales diminishes, only the traditional firms with better profit margins (ie, more traditional listing fees), will weather the slowdown and survive the downturn.   Not to mention, the low cost, no-frills firms simply don’t charge enough to keep a home adequately marketed once the “average days on market” increases from one weekend, to 6 months or longer.

Talented, full-service realtors in Erie CO, with extensive experience will again become sought after, in a buyer’s market.  Only the most talented agents with top marketing, staging, and pricing skills, will survive.  Homes that are improperly priced, inadequately staged, poorly photographed, or have weak online presentation, will simply sit unsold once the market advantage shifts back in favor of the buyers.  

Sept. 28, 2017

Relocating to Boulder CO

As a top Berkshire Hathaway agent, specializing in the North Denver suburbs and Boulder County, I often work with professionals that are relocating to jobs in Boulder Colorado.  In recent years, Boulder has become a hotbed for job seekers in fields such as IT, Biotech, and Academia.    Along with its new reputation as one of the nation’s most coveted places for tech professionals to work and live, has also come skyrocketing home prices.   However, many of the newly transplanted professionals experience extreme sticker shock, when they realize just how pricey Boulder real estate is.   With the average price of a single-family home in Boulder hovering just north of a million dollars now, all but the highest paid professionals quickly realize that they may have to settle for a commute.  New transfers quickly find themselves researching which of the Boulder suburbs will offer the best compromise, on home prices, quality schools, and the shortest possible commute.


Most initially look at homes for sale in Louisville, or homes in Superior CO, but realize that those closest two suburbs don’t offer much pricing relief, with typical single-family homes still averaging close to $700,000 (and usually for an older home that still needs significant updating).  After that, they look a bit further out at Lafayette real estate or homes for sale in Longmont.  Longmont is a well-developed suburb northeast of Boulder, but most find that it’s quite far from Denver, and it can be a crapshoot when it comes to the quality of schools.  Lafayette lies just east of Louisville, and has plenty of charm, but it’s still quite expensive and composed of mostly older homes that often need lots of expensive TLC.  Homes in Lafayette are often smaller and lack the raw square footage that typical families expect from a home well over the half-million-dollar mark. 


However, just past Lafayette lie the communities of Erie and Broomfield.  For most candidates, one of these two suburbs end up as the best option for putting down roots.   Both suburbs have their own unique set of attributes, and tend to attract buyers with slightly different sets of priorities.   Overall, Broomfield is the slightly larger and more developed of the two, with more amenities like shopping, dining, and entertainment.  (Broomfield is roughly 3 times the size of Erie, with respective populations of 65,065 vs. 22,803) However, Erie offers a less crowded, and even slightly rural small-town feel.  Topographically Erie also gains a slight edge, with much of the town sitting on hilly terrain that gives it some of the best mountain views along Denver’s front range.  The fact that the two towns border each other, also means that residents in Erie usually aren’t much farther than 7-10 minutes away from most of Broomfield’s amenities.


With the median price of a detached home at $446,000 in Broomfield, it is slightly more affordable overall than Erie (with a median price of $459,017).   However, that statistic is slightly misleading, because Broomfield began development in the late 1950’s, but most of Erie didn’t start to fully develop until the late 1990’s.   As a result, Broomfield’s median home price is skewed downward by the presence of several more mature neighborhoods with lower home prices (that compose roughly 60% of the homes there).  Erie on the other hand, didn’t really start to grow until 2003 when the construction of the popular Colorado National Golf course, kicked off the current 13-year long development streak.   Therefore, you see that Broomfield is actually slightly pricier, only by comparing the median and average prices of newer homes built from 2001 to the present.  When the price comparison only factors in newer construction, Broomfield’s median price becomes $500,000 and its average price is $532,880.   Erie’s is slightly lower at the median remaining at of $482,017 and its average home priced at $482,017.   Broomfield can be the more affordable option for those willing to live in a slightly older neighborhood, but Erie is more affordable if your tastes favor newer construction.


Regarding commute times, homes for sale in Erie CO have a slight advantage over homes for sale in Broomfield when comparing the drive into Boulder.  The center of Erie is roughly 11.2 miles to Boulder, with the center of Broomfield sitting at 16.4 miles away.   Average commute time from Erie is 22 minutes, with Broomfield averaging 27 minutes by the I-36 tollway.   That advantage flips however, when considering the commute into Denver.   The center of Erie to downtown Denver is 24.7 miles, and a 34 minute commute in normal traffic.   The center of Broomfield to downtown Denver is slightly closer at 18.5 miles, and a 25 minute commute in normal traffic.   The trip to Denver International Airport is roughly a tie between the two, because the two border each other at the E470 tollway, which is the express route it DIA.


Erie CO real estate enjoys most of the benefits of being close to Boulder and the mountains, but without the astronomical home prices found in the rest of Boulder County.  The town of Erie is unique in the fact that it lies almost equally across two counties and two separate school districts.  Approximately half of the Erie subdivisions lie in Boulder county, and the other half of Erie is in Weld County.   All Erie subdivisions in Weld County side are in the St. Vrain Valley RE-1J School district, but that doesn't automatically mean that all the neighborhoods on the Boulder county side, are in the Boulder Valley School District.  Only a handful of subdivisions on the Boulder County side of Erie are in the Boulder Valley RE-2 School District, with most of the neighborhoods on the Boulder County side still falling into the St. Vrain Re-2 School District.


The Erie neighborhoods in the Boulder Valley School District are as follows: Baxter Farm, Candlelight EstatesCandlelight Ridge, Compass, Flatiron Meadows, Meadowsweet Farm, and Orchard Glen.  The Flatiron Meadows subdivision is actually home to the BVSD’s newest (and arguably nicest) K-8 school, Meadowlark School.  Meadowlark School is set to open Fall of 2017.  Consensus is that Boulder Valley Schools are among the best in the entire Denver/Boulder front range, competing neck and neck with Denver’s Cherry Creek Schools for the state’s top honors.  However, one shouldn’t get too concerned about which of the two school districts in Erie you’ll end up in. In fact, all of the Erie CO Elementary and Middle schools in the St Vrain District are rated at least an 8 out of 10, on the popular rating site  

The overall statistics paint a clear picture of the quality of schools in Erie.  In 2016, Erie Schools ranked higher than approximately 77.5% of elementary schools in the entire state of Colorado. Erie Middle School’s students performed 64.2% better in 2016 as well. The district performed better than 64.2% of all other Colorado schools that same year. 


The David Hakimi Team at Berkshire Hathaway specializes in helping relocation clients moving to Boulder CO and its suburbs.    Feel free to call us, if you need assistance or questions about homes for sale in Boulder Colorado.  We are the area experts on helping relocation clients locate homes for sale in Erie CO, and homes for sale in Broomfield CO.

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Sept. 28, 2017

Why Shouldn’t You Sell Your Own Home?

If you plan on selling your home, there are three honest reasons why you cannot sell your home on your own.

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If you are considering listing your home as For Sale By Owner, there are a few things you should know. Here are three honest reasons why you cannot afford to sell your house on your own:


1. You are not thinking with your head. Selling your home is very emotional. However, all of those memories and milestones you’ve accomplished while living in that home does not make it more expensive. You cannot justify the pricing with those memories; market value is market value.


Your memories do not affect the
market value of your home.


2. You don’t know thousands of people and you’re not connected to hundreds of agents. Your selling exposure only scratches the surface compared to our front-page Zillow advertising, networking across multiple platforms, and our status in multiple MLS databases.


3. You can be the top deterrent to getting your home sold. Trying to schedule showings can be a pain. Pestering buyers and agents during those showings can be awkward and uncomfortable.  


Instead, hire a professional real estate agent to get your home listed and sold. If you are interested in working with us, check out our online reviews.


If you have any other questions about selling your home or our current market, give me a call at (720-370-3000) or send me an email. I would be happy to help you.




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Sept. 7, 2017

How Premium Placement on Zillow Benefits You

We are proud to announce that the Hakimi Team is Erie’s No. 1 reviewed real estate team on Zillow, Angie’s List, and Google. This news benefits you, too.

Buying a home? Click here to perform a full Home Search
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We are excited to announce that we are Erie’s No. 1 reviewed real estate team on Zillow, Angie’s List, and Google with over 140 five-star reviews.


Whether you love Zillow or hate it, the fact remains that 85% of buyers use Zillow as their primary search site. Hiring an agent that gets your home the best exposure on Zillow is now more important than ever.


We are the only Erie agents that can guarantee that your home will appear on the first search pages of Zillow for our area.


We focus on superior marketing and listing
strategies to help you meet your goals.


A lot of agents advertise gimmicks, like waiving their commission after 60 days or offering to buy your home themselves if they fail to sell it. We prefer to focus on superior marketing and listing strategies so that we never have to resort to gimmicks.


If you have any questions about buying or selling a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can also check out We look forward to hearing from you!

Aug. 8, 2017

Why Are Millennials Buying Homes Today?

Millennials aren’t buying homes to start families like their parents did. They are buying homes so their pets have more space.

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According to Bustle, millennials are buying homes because they want more room for their dogs—not because they want children. This is a sharp contrast to the buying habits of their parents.  


1/3 of first-time homebuyers listed “wanting more yard space for their dog” as their No. 1 reason for wanting to buy. Many buildings and landlords don’t even allow pets, or charge a hefty deposit if they do. 


I used to live in a high-rise and while it had an awesome view, it wasn’t very conducive for my 16-year old lab, who has bladder issues. The extra pet deposit started to add up quickly as well. It was much smarter for me to just buy a home where I didn’t have to jump through all of these hoops. 


If you’re looking for a perfect home for you and your furry friend, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to help.


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July 11, 2017

Erie's Craft Breweries

Brewing Up Something Great in Erie, Colorado


In the past, beer was widely available in cans and bottles as it is today, however; there was nowhere near the amount of diversity in flavor as there is now. Simple lagers and pilsners were mass-produced and shipped in from all over the country.


Luckily, the craft beer industry has provided dozens of new styles of beer, more carefully crafted and unique than in the past. The whole country has breweries that are creating beers that are full of flavor, and provide an adventure for anyone looking to enjoy locally produced beverages.


In Erie, Colorado, there are four breweries that are creating some fascinating beers.


Echo Brewing Company – Its safe to say that pizza and beer pair wonderfully. The Echo Brewing Company's Erie Brewpub & Pizzeria is an excellent spot for enjoying a deliciously hand-crafted version of both! Check out their location in Old Town!


Echo also has a second location, The Frederick Brewery and Taproom is Echo's original location and has both indoor and outdoor space to utilize when dining and enjoying a fresh brew. Echo Even hand crafts their Mozzarella!


Atom Brewing Company - Beer wasnt always fermented in giant stainless steel and glass tanks. It used to be prepared in oak barrels and allowed to breathe the fresh mountain air. In fact, most of the best Belgian and German beers are still open fermented.Atom Brewing has brought those traditions to Erie. Using their custom-made oak barrels, in small batches, Atom allows the beer to breathe and capture the essence of Colorados legendary air.

If you want to see how beer was crafted for millennia and then take some home in a bottle, go the Atom Brewing Company at 654 Moffat Street.


The Old Mine- The Old Mines building on 500 Briggs St. was once an old mercantile building in Old Town Erie, Colorado. They feature in-house hard cider and hand-crafted beer on 15 taps and in bottles from their beer cellar. They also offer in-house Artisan Pizza and 12 hr. smoked Jurassic Pork (both in Gluten-free options).


As loyal Erie residents and beer lovers, Michael and Johns vision is coming to fruition by connecting the local community through great food and craft beer. Although sitting in the dining area is quite fun, The Old Mine provides and outdoor patio if you prefer to be in the open air. They have just renovated and added new features as well!


Industrial Revolution Brewing Company - At one time, like its namesake in Pennsylvania, Erie was at the heart of the coal industry. Today, the coal is no longer flowing from the hills, but the love for beer that those miners drank never left. The Industrial Revolution Brewing Company (IRBC) offers bold and hardy beverages for anyone who loves great beer. They have designed a welcoming outdoor beer garden to relax with friends.

Located at 285 Cheesman Street, IRBC is a taste revolution. Owners Tim and Nate have worked long and hard to provide beers that are bold in flavor and rich in tradition. They have stuck to what they know, allowing food delivery and gourmet food trucks to provide the grub while they provide the beverage.


Erie is part of a revolution that makes beer as local as a single city neighborhood. Each beer and each brewery adds to the richness of Colorados brewing history. These four locations are an extraordinary tribute to that history.








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July 10, 2017

Benefits of Living in Erie, CO

Erie, Colorado is where it's at!

Anyone who has visited Colorado will have to agree that this state is magical! This is mainly because of the mountains, sunshine, nature, physical activities, adventure, beer and its history; together with exploration. With all the beauty to behold in Colorado, theres never a shortage of things to do here. Erie, Colorado stands out for many reasons, arguably most impressive is because its unemployment rate stands at 4.2% and in addition to that, jobs have increased by a total of 1.96%.

Living in Erie, Colorado will offer you jobs with fantastic employee benefits; these promote financial security, peace of mind, and the maintenance your health and life/work balance needs. These benefits include;

  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Long-term disability
  • Short-term disability
  • Employee assistance program
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Optional life and accidental death with dismemberment insurance
  • Flex savings
  • Paid time off with holiday pay

The dynamic and diverse community, along with the contemporary pace of life has appealed to people of all ages. Calling Erie home is a prideful statement for all who have settled there. The majestic mountain views offer awestriking sunsets and peace comparable to no other. The following are reasons as to why you should move to Erie, Colorado immediately.

Access to Skiing

In as little as an hours travel, Erie residents have the luxury to go skiing! Eldora Mountain Resort is a family-friendly ski resort. If youre a ski lover, then you will absolutely fall in love with the 4,200 meters and 54 peaks of ski terrain. In addition to skiing, there are many great restaurants and bars you can visit, not only at Eldora, but at any of the dozens of Ski Resorts in the beautiful rocky mountains.

Delicious Craft Beer

Established breweries are found here and popular brands such as The Industrial Revolution, The Old Mine, Echo Brewing Company and Atom Brewery have settled in Erie. They all come out to participate in the Great American Beer Festival, which is known to feature 1,800 different brews and 400 craft brewers from all over Colorado!


Erie, as well as many other places in Colorado, offers a great probability to spot wildlife. Beautiful birds of prey, graceful deer and elk, as well as some of the more common creatures like rabbits, foxes, and other small mammals are a very common sight.


In Erie, Colorado folks can find a single family home in a great neighborhood starting at $325,000. Some of these homes are located in communities that offer amenities such as a pool, workout facility, golf course, tennis courts and even a clubhouse for those special events you may want to plan.

A Sense of Community

Although Erie has some historical neighborhoods such as Old Town Erie, many of the newer neighborhoods are formed by folks who’ve relocated from another state. Whether relocating because of a change of jobs or to find a more affordable place to reside; Erie, Colorado is very welcoming to all its transplants. The welcoming comes from the diverse activities that it offers for families as well as seniors. Erie highlights an impressive Balloon Fest each year in May and attracts people from all over Colorado and from other states.

It’s no wonder Money Magazine named Erie, Colorado as one of its BEST PLACES TO LIVE in 2015!


Check out the ERIE homepage for detailed information and Drone Footage of all Neighborhoods in Erie!


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June 19, 2017

Our New Virtual Staging & Renovation Services

We have two amazing new services to offer you. Virtual staging and virtual renovation help you see your home’s full potential.

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We have two amazing new services that we are excited to offer: virtual staging and renovation.


These services are available for clients with high-end listings.


Any experienced agent knows that the majority of the population has a hard time visualizing potential improvements to a home the way an expert with a trained eye can.


This technology helps you see
your home’s full potential.



That’s why HGTV shows like “Property Brothers” use advanced design software to show a home’s potential after a renovation project, color change, or proper staging.


This technology can show your tired kitchen with modern cabinets and stainless appliances. It can also show your empty house staged with designer furniture for a fraction of the cost of traditional staging.


If you would like to learn more about our amazing new services, just give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!


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