Market Overview and Consultation

We use strategies beyond just the typical Comparative Market Analysis to ensure accurate pricing of your property. These include reviewing interest rates, availability of financing, overall inventory, and a wide range analysis of comparable markets, including an answer to the #1 question asked by home sellers: 

What's My Home Worth?

Stand Out From the Crowd

Ensuring your home stands out from the competition is one of the most important things you can do to attract the largest number of potential buyers to your home. Professional photography, SkyCam videography, and staging recommendations are just a few of the ways in which our services will help your home stand out. 

David Hakimi | Proven Steps to Selling

Massive Exposure

Building on the principle of standing out, massive exposure seeks to represent the differences your home offers to the largest possible pool of qualified buyers in your market area. We tap into all of the major internet marketplaces, employ proprietary tactics in prospecting for potential buyers, and utilize professional copy writing strategies that make buyers want to see your home. In addition to our robust online marketing campaign, we also own - the Denver Metro area's premier home search site!

David Hakimi | Proven Steps for Selling

Social Marketing and Networking Strategies

We know the importance of social networking in our marketplace and we have a plan that leverages the greatest amount of agents to sell your home. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, Craigslist, YouTube, Instagram and the MLS are just a few of places we target to increase the exposure for your home. In addition, we know that 70% of homes are sold with the help of co-op agents. For this reason, we have developed a strategy that targets buyers who are already looking for homes similar to yours.

David Hakimi | Proven Steps to Selling Your Home

Leveraging the Team Approach

David Hakimi | Proven Steps to Selling Your Home

Our team consists of full-time trained professionals. This means timely responses to buyer inquiries, prompt and knowledgeable answers to your questions, and continuous marketing efforts. Every process for the listing and sale of a home has been tested and optimized to bring you the highest price for your home in the shortest amount of time.


Here's just a few of the ways we ensure your home stands out from the rest and sells FAST!

High Definition Aerial Video Tours

We are always looking for new and exciting marketing tools to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. One such tool we utilize is aerial HD video with SkyCam. When a robust photo gallery and mass marketing isn't enough, the SkyCam is sure to fill the void and catch an eye. 

3D Showcase - We are proud to introduce our exclusive marketing product 3D Showcase. Home buyers will create an immediate, lasting emotional connection to your property because they can experience it as if they were really there. Generate momentum like you wouldn’t believe before the first open house with a space-age tool that will captivate buyers.

Expert Staging Advice - We will consult with you to determine what, if anything needs improvement in your home to make it show the best while on the market. Market research shows that staged homes sell in as little as 30 days and for up to 6-10% more than homes not staged. (Staging is optional but recommended in some cases.) 

Professional Ads - Utilizing professional marketing pieces that people actually like to look at! To ensure maximum exposure these ads are distributed throughout every relevant real estate marketing avenue.

Real Estate Signs with Call Capture and Texting Features - On top of the real estate sign is a 1-800 number which provides detailed information about your home 24 hours a day. When a buyer calls the number, the caller hears a professionally recorded message. When the call takes place, our office captures the caller’s name and phone number. This call capture feature gives our sales team the opportunity to follow up and set an appointment.

Since many home buyers prefer the convenience of Texting, our team has designed a system that offers instant access to the professional photos of your home and other detailed information. 

Open Houses - Open houses are a great tool for locating a buyer for your home. We employ a guerrilla style open house strategy which includes massive social marketing prior to the open house, a robust networking strategy to ensure agents know about the open house, internet marketing of the open house and of course LOTS of real estate signs.

Precision Marketing Solutions - We utilize a very sophisticated set of marketing databases and management systems that has been proven to pinpoint potential buyers for homes that meet your specific criteria. As a result, our time is only spent prospecting the most relevant leads. This kind of precision marketing is the pinnacle of real estate marketing solutions.

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