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Precise Market Analysis and Proper Pricing

Because of our background in mortgage lending, we understand and follow the exact USPAP Guidelines that appraisers adhere to when performing an official appraisal.  This ensures that our assessment of value is always rock solid, and can be successfully defended in the event the appraisal comes in below our recommended price.   We have a strong track record of successfully contesting low appraisals!

Unlike many of our competitors, we will not attempt to "buy your listing" by promising you an unrealistic price that an appraisal will not support.  We REFUSE to suggest an unrealistically high price, just to win your business.  Many of our competitors routinely engage in this practice, but we prefer to follow a philosophy of "shooting straight" with our clients, even if it means suggesting a slightly lower listing price than a competing agent may have.   It does you no justice, for us to overprice your home and allow it to sit unsold, chasing an unrealistic number.    Several studies by the National Association of Realtors, have shown that properly priced homes are far more likely to attract bidding wars, and ultimately attract competing offers that are backed in additional cash.  Also, when buyers compete, it places the seller in a far greater position of leverage, and often results in buyers that are willing to accept the home As-Is, waiving their right to negotiate for repairs after their inspection!

When assessing your home we analyze several factors in addition to the comparable sales, to further ensure effective pricing of your property.  These include reviewing interest rates, market seasonality, competing inventory, lot placement, views, deferred maintenance, and cosmetic updates in the home.   Therefore we are highly confident when answering to the #1 question asked by home sellers: 

"What's My Home Worth?"


Superior Visual Presentation.

We utilize state-of-the art Wide-Angle HD Photography, Walk-through Video Tours, and 4K Aerial Drone Footage...  We use only the absolute best professional real estate photography firm in Denver!   You will NEVER catch us using a smartphone camera, or other inferior photography to present your home's listing online.  Our photographers utilize only the finest full-frame digital SLRs, and wide-angle optics.   After shooting your home with ultra high-end camera gear, they also software enhance the pics further to boost the contrast and saturation, making the pics of your home practically jump off of the screen!   Your home will definitely stand-out online, once we're done with it!  See more example shots here.

David Hakimi | Proven Steps to Selling

Premium Placement on Zillow, Trulia, &

Almost every agent can get your home up onto Zillow... if you're OK with having your listing buried several pages deep on the site behind hundreds of other listings!   The Hakimi Team has one of the largest monthly budgets with the Zillow Group, in all of Colorado!  We spend over $12,000 each month with Zillow, and as a result, our listings enjoy premium placement at the top of your zip-code!  Because Zillow Group also owns Trulia and, our listings enjoy the same premium placements on those sites as well!   As a large team, our budget allows us to DOMINATE our competitors on all of the major Real Estate websites, by outspending them. We also employ proprietary tactics to further boost the position of our listings, and utilize professional copy writing strategies that make buyers want to see your home.   

In addition to our robust online marketing campaign, we also own - one of the Denver Metro area's best organically ranked sites on several major key-terms, and long-tail key-terms for individual neighborhoods!  In fact, our site has over 12,000 fully built-out pages, making it one of the most extensive agent websites in Denver!

David Hakimi | Proven Steps for Selling


Advanced Social Media Marketing and Networking Strategies

We know the importance of social networking in our marketplace and we have a plan that leverages the greatest amount of agents to sell your home. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, Craigslist, YouTube, Instagram and the MLS are just a few of places we target to increase the exposure for your home. In addition, we know that 70% of homes are sold with the help of co-op agents. For this reason, we have developed a strategy that targets buyers who are already looking for homes similar to yours.   

We have several powerful tools in place to market your home on Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, Twitter, Linked-In, Active Rain, Google+, and Youtube!   Unlike many agents that simply post it on their Facebook page and forget it, we actually spend an average of $500 per listing, BOOSTING the post to carefully targeted audiences, for MAXIMUM social media exposure!

David Hakimi | Proven Steps to Selling Your Home

Leveraging the Team Approach

Top Denver Real Estate Agents-David Hakimi Team

Our 10 person team consists of only full-time, highly-trained professionals. This means timely responses to buyer inquiries, prompt and knowledgeable answers to your questions, and continuous marketing efforts. Every process for the listing and sale of a home has been tested and optimized to bring you the highest price for your home in the shortest amount of time. 

We pride ourselves on NEVER saying "No" when a customer requests a showing, or appointment.  As a large team, we have the manpower and bandwidth, to work for you on your schedule, when and where you need us!   



 High Definition Aerial Video Tours

We are always looking for new and exciting marketing tools to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. One such tool we utilize is HD 4K Drone Video tours.  When robust photography and mass marketing isn't enough, the Drone is sure to fill the void and catch buyer's attention.   This tool is especially effective for homes with land, luxury homes, and mountain properties. 


3D Matterport Virtual Tours - We are proud to introduce Matterport 3D Tours.  Home buyers will create an immediate, lasting emotional connection to your property because they can experience it as if they were really there. Generate momentum like you wouldn’t believe before the first open house with a space-age tool that will captivate buyers.  

Matterport Example Cutaway


Expert Staging Advice, Virtual Staging, and Virtual Upgrades- We will consult with you to determine what, if anything needs improvement in your home to make it show the best while on the market. Market research shows that staged homes sell for up to 6-10% more than homes not staged.   We can recommend home stagers at all price points, but even the most affordable "physical staging companies" can become very costly, and have major limitations that software enhancement does not.  Therefore, we also utilize the latest in virtual staging techniques.   Virtual Staging utilizes software to generate photos of your home, as it would look with extremely expensive art and furnishings in place.  We then have these photos enlarged, and place them throughout the home on easels in key locations, to allow potential buyers to visualize the home as it would appear fully furnished or updated.

Ironwood OriginalVirtual Upgrades

Virtual Furniture


Professional Brochures and Flyers - Utilizing professional marketing pieces that people actually like to look at! To ensure maximum exposure these ads are in the home for showings.

BHHS Brochures


Real Estate Signs with instructions for an instant free download, of our GPS Enabled Real Estate App-        On top of our real estate signs is a phone number which allows interested buyers to download a GPS app.  The app will then show them all of the pictures and listing information on your home, while also capturing their phone number to allow us to immediately follow-up.  This app provides detailed information about your home 24 hours a day.  This GPS App download gives our sales team the opportunity to follow up and set a private showing appointment for any interested buyers stopping in front of your home. 

Hakimi Team GPS Enabled Real Estate App


Open Houses - Open houses are a great tool for attracting buyers to your home. Many buyers in the early stages of the process, still have not hired a buyers agent and are only able to see homes that are held open to the public.  Without an open house, your listing would be off limits, to these often qualified buyers.   Open houses also create a sense of "urgency" in the buyers brought through by their agents.  They see the other open-house attendees, and realize that the home will be in high demand and a low-ball offer simply won't cut it. 

We employ a MEGA-Open House strategy which includes massive social marketing prior to the open house, a robust networking strategy to ensure agents know about the open house, internet marketing of the open house and of course LOTS of real estate signs, and giant flags to attract maximum foot traffic.

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