A legitimate "Lease With the Option to Buy"

program is finally available in Denver!

 We're excited to introduce the new Home Partners program that's now available in Denver!

Home Partners allows you to LEASE WITH THE OPTION TO BUY almost ANY HOME that is currently for sale in Denver or its suburbs!


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This is the first truly legitimate program of its kind in Denver. We are one of Denver's top rated, Berkshire Hathaway real estate teams, so you can rest-assured that we would not risk our stellar reputation (or Berkshire Hathaway's reputation) touting anything that was "gimmicky" or "too good to be true." The Home Partners of America program is the real deal, and the Hakimi Team are some of the Denver Agents with the ability to offer the program!


The process is simple. As with any rental or lease program, you pay a one-time application fee of $75, so that the program can pull your credit and background, and determine how much rent your income qualifies you for. Once they determine how much rent you can afford, they will tell us how expensive of a home we can start helping you find. We then take you to see all of the homes you like in that price range, until we find "the one."


Once we narrow it down to your favorite, the program places a cash offer on the home. If the offer is accepted, you are free to move into the home shortly after closing. After leasing it from them for one year, you will have the option to purchase it for only 5% more than they paid a year earlier. This is an amazing opportunity, considering that homes in Denver have been appreciating by closer to 10% per year. This program allows you to secure your dream home, and live in it, while fixing your credit, or satisfying other requirements for a mortgage that you might still need a little more time to work on.

After the first year's lease is up, you have the option to buy it from them for only 5% more than their original purchase price. If your circumstances have changed at that time and you no longer wish to purchase, you are free to re-sign a new lease or walk away.

Lease with the option to buy is now Real.


Call us today at 720.370.3000 for more details or click this link. If you have any questions, we're always here to answer them.